Swine Flu and Evolution

The recent spread of H1N1 (known as the “swine flu” pandemic) has sparked a series of media articles surrounding the virus’ proof of the evolutionary model for biology. In order to assess this claim, let’s understand how viruses work. A virus is different than a bacteria because it is not traditionally considered a living organism. It is simply a piece of genetic information free floating on the water droplets of our breath and in our body fluids. When it is transferred it latches onto cells in our blood and body and highjacks these cells and uses their ability to replicate genetic information to replicate itself. Think of the nucleus of a cell as a photocopy machine. It is always on. If a coworker has loaded the copy tray with a large document, you can sneak a paper here and there and have it photocopied. Now two or more copies of your document exist. This is how viruses use cells to grow their numbers within an infected host (i.e.: person or animal). A virus has several strands of RNA attached to it. And just like humans vary in their DNA, viruses like H1N1 have a variety of versions or “races.” And they themselves are created by other virus “parents” who combined to form new “baby” viruses.

viral gene swap

This is the key to understanding the issue: new viruses are the result of new combinations of old viruses. They are not new genetic information but simply new combinations of old genetic information. A perfect example is the dog species. With hundreds and even thousands of years of interbreeding, we have created a variety of presentations of the dog species. All of which are related. In all of these years of combining and re-combining dog genes, no new genes were ever produced. They were simply shuffled. The “swine flu” is exactly this, a new combination of existing genetic information. The term “swine flu” can be misleading because it is not a piece of the pig’s DNA that is being passed on, but a virus’ RNA that is typically at home in the pig population. The key here is that viruses are having “sex” and breeding chihuahuas and other “new” variations of viruses. The “swine” or H1N1 influenza has seen the combination of different viral parents. Viral parents which typically are at home in bird, pig and human hosts. It takes only a single incident of successful parenting to create a new variation of old information (like Snoop Doggy Dogg inventing new words with the same english letters) which can now straddle two or more hosts. We are effectively squeezing the inherent diversity of genetic information in viruses because we have more people and more pigs and more contact between them and us and birds. This is bound to happen and it apparently has.

So please do not be fooled by this latest “evolutionary” proof being shouted from the New York Times and even Scientific American. What evolutionists love to point to is new combination of existing genes and say “evolution!” And they simultaneously love to ignore the question: “Where is the never before seen gene? Where is the innovative new language of DNA or RNA?” And the answer is…. silence or insults. But not answers or data.

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