Modern Parables – “A Tree and its Fruits” converted to “Spam E-mails”

modern parables headerBased on Matthew 7:15-20, the parable of “A tree and its fruits.”

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you with nice sounding emails, but really are sending you destructive viruses that will damage your computer and steal your banking information. You will know them by the effect their emails have on peoples’ computers. Do you get trojans, worms or viruses from good emails? Every proper email has no ill effect on your computer and it brings good news from people you love and who love you back. An email designed to rob your bank account and destroy your computer will have a bad effect if you open it, but a normal email won’t do any damage at all. Every bad email will be quarantined and deleted permanently. You can tell bad emails by their destructive effects.”

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