2 manuals on how to be saved

Two years ago a childhood friend of mine reached out. We hadn’t spoken in years but had been very close as youth. He was going through a difficult time in his life and wanted to know how a man begins to follow God. I was excited to help someone I loved to begin their journey into Eternal Life so I created two “manuals” that described the basics of salvation and sanctification. My friend ate them up and asked for more. So I followed up with other materials and sent him sermons. I watched him begin a genuine prayer life and make faltering baby steps towards a relationship with God. He began meeting with me and we started experiencing life together again. Meeting for dinners with him and his parents, spending time with me and my wife and kids. I was looking forward to spending our middle age and elderly years together as Christian brothers. Sadly, two days ago I found out that he passed away in his sleep at only 41 years of age. My dear friend leaves two children behind as well as his parents and countless friends. I was — and am — heartbroken.

However, I believe our meeting was not accidental and I feel confident that he is waiting for me at Home and that I will one day continue our friendship which started many years ago. In honor of my friend’s memory, I am calling the following two manuals “Tony’s Guide to Eternal Life 1 and 2.”

I hope these materials bless others as they have blessed me and my friend.

christian basics 1

abc s of salvation 1


christian basics 2

abc s of salvation 2

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