The Curious Believability of Christianity

I think you can make a rational case supporting the Christian worldview. No other worldview is as logically feasible as Christianity. This is why I am an intellectually fulfilled follower of the Way (the original label for Christians). Yet, this is not the main reason I take comfort in my bible. The main thrust of my confidence in being an obedient Christian comes from a curious phenomenon that occurs when I lay my soul bare at night. When I’m hovering over my bible by candle light (unnecessary in our modern times but an extremely joyous practice — try it) a form of magic seems to take place. Soaked in prayer, note book in hand and Scripture at my disposal, I seem to be swimming in a womb that is bathing my deepest and most secret wounds. I find a gentle probing into my mind and heart that seems to tease out the doubts, fears and questions I have about my life and my future. This is not an intellectual exercise — which is the only thing available to a materialist — but transportation into a realm of transformation. I cannot prove it logically or with direct evidence. But I could prove it by dying for it.

The reason I’m willing to bet my life on Christianity has nothing to do with any article on apologetics I’ve studied, read or written. Nearly none of my love for God comes from intellectual gymnastics. It is my experiences in the most honest, vulnerable and genuine times of the night as I lay myself bare to God. My bible becomes 3, no, 5 dimensional. I see things become real and concrete in the verses I find. Things I was only confusingly aware were swimming in the bowels of my subconscious are expressed clearly for me. As though Someone was lurking behind the pages of the Old and New Testament, knowing things about me I was only tangentially aware of.

Scripture points to my sin. Clearer than any other person or literature ever has. Yet the microscopic precision of the bible is partnered with the most gentle and encouraging aura. There is my sin. In black and white. But it’s accompanied by the Spirit’s comforting. I am both guilty and innocent in that Other World. My deepest ugliness is seen as though from my future self’s perspective. A future I have yet to walk in but am destined for. My present is tolerable because it is a transition towards paradise. I cannot explain to you why I feel this way, but I declare to you that I do.

Throughout the ages one of the tallest flag poles erected for Christianity has been the lives and deaths of Christians. Distant philosophers such as Confucius and Socrates do not inspire love from men born centuries and continents away. But Jesus seems to be the most enduring inspiration. From the pages of an ancient book floats a strength and a comfort that defies explanation.

G.K. Chesterton’s book Orthodoxy contains a chapter entitled the “ethics of elfland.” In it he describes that at the core of every individual is a thirst and hunger for the immaterial. The ephemeral. A real life Magic. Materialism is an outer space vaccuum devoid of magic. Which, in my view, is the greatest clue as to its falseness. It is not — cannot be — a candidate for the Truth. And even though the judeochristian bible can be studied and appreciated for its philosophical integrity, its historical accuracy and the fact that it erected the foundations of the modern first world, I submit to you that it is its Magic that has truly changed the world. I am not the only man to feel the strange power of quietly exposing myself to God and His Book.

And I won’t be the last.

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