Please understand that these are NOT paid endorsements. We here at INTERSECTION are promoting the following sites because we use them regularly and want you to benefit from them as well.

GLO Bible Software is the way of the future for using audio and visual content to make the bible come alive. No other software or website that we know of has as rich of a content library and interactive maps as GLO. It is also VERY affordable compared to other software.

Blue Letter Bible. Quite simply THE internet bible site. There is more audio & written commentary available here than any other site we’ve come across. You can also use their Blue Letter Bible Institute to take a theological courses, pass tests and get graded for FREE. Their interlinear feature allows you to select a verse and to delve into the Hebrew/Aramaic dictionary, reach all similar verses and be plugged into related audio commentary from well known theologians. Every Christian should bookmark — and make use of — this site!

Reasons To Believe. I know of no better Christian scientific apologetics outfit in the world today. Hugh Ross, Fazale Rana and the staff at Reasons offer the best science curriculum we’ve come across. The also offer online coursework through their Reasons Institute (on moodle platform) as well as home school & youth science curriculum suggestions.

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